With Valentine’s Day coming up, always love looking for fun printable geeky Valentine’s cards for those kids less into doily hearts, and more into zombies, Star Wars, Minecraft, and outer space. Here are 12 of our favorite geeky-cool printable Valentines for kids that you can print out for weekend parties or their classroom swap.  Stock up on ink!

(images above: Let’s All Make Believe)

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Let's All Make Believe's printable Star Wars Valentine's Day cards on Etsy

Printable Star Wars Valentine’s Day cards | Let’s All Make Believe

Super fans of Star Wars will think these Valentine’s Day cards featuring faves BB-8 and Rey are out of this galaxy. The set of four is $5 at this Etsy shop — print as many as you’d like.


The Idea Room's printable Star Wars Valentine's stickers for Tic Tacs

Star Wars Tic Tac Valentine’s Day treats | The Idea Room

With some sticker paper, your kids can make these sweet little Star Wars Tic Tac Valentine’s Day treats for everyone in their class. The puns in these printables are as irresistible as the cute illustrations — though maybe not as much as the candy. Depends on the flavor, we guess.


Free printable Star Wars Valentine's Day cards from Yellow Bliss Road

Free printable Star Wars Valentine’s Day cards | Yellow Bliss Road

The force is strong with this set of six printable Star Wars Valentine’s Day cards with kid-friendly sayings and great action shots of the Force Awakens characters. For extra impact, add a little glow stick “light saber” to each card.


Flynn Craft House's astronomy Valentine's Day cards on Etsy

Astronomy Lovers printable Valentine’s Day cards | Flynn Craft House

We really like the pairing of these gorgeous original watercolors by Texas artist, Erika Buentello, with the “punny” love messages on Flynn Craft House’s astronomy-themed printable cards, available on Etsy. Our space-loving kids are all over this one.

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Free printable emoji Valentine's Day cards from My Sister's Suitcase

Free printable emoji Valentine’s Day cards | My Sister’s Suitcase

It wouldn’t be 2016 without at least one set of printable Emoji Valentine’s cards, and these stand out for their nice, clean design. Plus, the hugs & kisses one seems like a good enough generic message for any kid in the class.

Free printable Minecraft Valentines Cards with gum wrapper | Simple as That

Free printable Valentine’s Day Minecraft cards | Simple as That Blog

Last year in our roundup of 9 cool printable Minecraft Valentines, we came across these Minecraft Valentines for sticks of gum from Simple as That that we still totally love. Featuring a cool Creeper design, with enough room for a stick of gum — and she even provides both printable that you’ll need.


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FNAF Valentine's printable card from MsPuppyBurritoArt on Deviant Art

Free printable FNAF Bonnie Valentine’s Card | Ms. Puppy Burrito on Deviant Art

Liz’s kids are obsessed with Five Nights at Freddy’s (if you don’t know…don’t ask) and asked to find some printable Valentine’s Cards featuring their favorite creepy animatronics. While lots might be considered wildly inappropriate, we like this fan art Bonnie depiction as well as her cute, pink Foxy card.


Evil Mad Scientist's math-themed Valentine's Day printable cards

Free printable math equation Valentine’s Day cards | Evil Mad Scientist

Parents, you’ll want to preview the entire set of cards from Evil Mad Scientist before you hand them over to your kids: A few of the messages may be a risqué for our little mathematicians. In which case, just print the more age-appropriate messages for kids who think in equations.



Bren Did's free printable zombie Valentine's Day cards

Free printable Zombie Valentine’s Day cards | Bren Did

If your tweens don’t want to hand out anything too sweet, we love these not-too-gross free printable zombie Valentine’s Day cards. If you are feeling especially motivated, check out her printable zombie “crates” designed for zombie apocalypse stockpiling. Or maybe just a few Hershey Kisses.


Personalized scientist printable Valentine's Day cards from Sandy Ford Design

Scientist printable photo Valentine’s Day card | Sandy Ford Design

Wow, we’re impressed by this design in which the artist will customize the scientist with your child’s face. It is $15 but you get something pretty special and do no work either. There is also a version featuring a scientist in a red bow tie, if you’d prefer.



Secret-message QR Code printable card from Doodles and Jots

Secret QR Code printable Valentine’s Day card | Doodles and Jots

Tech-loving kids will dig this clever printable card from Doodles and Jots which requires friends to scan the message to read it. Fun!


DIY free printable Minecraft Valentine's Day box cards from Pix Fiz

Printable Minecraft Valentine boxes | Pix Fiz

Oh sure, these DIY Minecraft boxes from Pix Fiz are more work than cutting out a square card, but we know some kids who would just love to hand these out to their classmates. Like, ours. The finished boxes are just the right size for hiding a little treat inside.

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