In this week’s Spawned podcast, our editor Liz’s Cool Pick of the Week is Brain Pop, a website I have turned to for years with my homeschooled kids to find smart, kid-friendly videos about topics as diverse as William Shakespeare, the Civil War, and DNA.  And while much of their massive content is accessible only with a subscription, the free Brain Pop mobile app brings a new 2-3 minute movie to my kids every day that is fun to watch and interesting to ponder.

Think of it as a yummy daily vitamin for your kids’ brains.


Brain Pop Featured Movie: Free app of the week on Cool Mom Tech


The videos star the friendly and curious robot Moby and his brainy sidekick Tim, with a tone that’s always smart, simple, often funny, and never condescending.

The wide variety of subjects are geared toward kids around four and up, or just the age when my kids really started asking me questions that I couldn’t easily bluster my way through. Thanks for the help, Brain Pop!


Download the Brain Pop Featured Movie App for iOS, Android, and Windows for a free daily movie for kids in grades 4+. For younger kids in grades K-3, the Brain Pop Jr. free Movie of the Week app is a wonderful way to explore a variety of subjects over the course of the year with Moby and his patient and super-smart friend Annie. 

Also, check your child’s school to see if their school subscription gives you free, full access of either Brain Pop or Brain Pop Jr. at home too.