In this week’s Spawned podcast, our editor Liz’s Cool Pick of the Week is¬†Brain Pop, a website I¬†have turned to for years with my homeschooled kids to find smart, kid-friendly videos about topics as diverse as William Shakespeare, the Civil War, and DNA. ¬†And while much of their massive content is accessible only with a subscription, the free Brain Pop mobile app brings a new 2-3 minute movie to my kids every day that is fun to watch and interesting to ponder.

Think of it as a yummy daily vitamin for your kids’¬†brains.


Brain Pop Featured Movie: Free app of the week on Cool Mom Tech


The videos star¬†the friendly and curious robot Moby and his brainy sidekick Tim, with a tone that’s always smart, simple, often funny, and never condescending.

The wide¬†variety of subjects are geared toward kids around¬†four and up, or just the age when my kids really started asking me questions that I couldn’t easily bluster my way through. Thanks for the help, Brain Pop!


Download the Brain Pop Featured Movie App for iOS, Android, and Windows for a free daily movie for kids in grades 4+. For younger kids in grades K-3, the Brain Pop Jr. free Movie of the Week app is a wonderful way to explore a variety of subjects over the course of the year with Moby and his patient and super-smart friend Annie. 

Also, check your child’s school to see if their school subscription gives you free, full access of¬†either Brain Pop or Brain Pop Jr.¬†at home too.


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