When your preschooler wants to play, but you really need a few uninterrupted minutes to finish some work or get dinner on the table, we’ve found an entire menagerie of adorable friends who will be happy to set up a playdate at any time. And these friends are really good at sharing, cleaning up, and coming up with new games to play.

Sago Mini Friends is a colorful, cartoony free app aimed at entertaining kids ages 2-4 with gentle gameplay that our littlest ones can easily figure out on their own.

Created by Sago Sago, a Toronto-based company which happens to be a sister company to the much-loved Toca Boca, Sago Mini Friends lets kids choose an animal character to take on visits to friends’ homes where they play dress up, trains, or–my favorite–let’s wash the dishes. Everything about this game is pure cuteness. Kids don’t get things wrong, friends don’t fight, and there is so much variety here that no one is going to get bored.

Sago Mini Friends, an adorable free app for preschool kids: iOS, Android, and Windows

I love that there are no ads anywhere in this app and no sneaky in-app purchases. And if your kids really love this app,  Sago Sago has 16 more apps, including a few that are free as well. You may want to make sure you clear some room on your tablet.

Download  a free copy of Sago Mini Friends for kids ages 2-4. It is available for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.