If you’re hoping to get your future mathlete ready for preschool in the fall, or just want to find a new ways to help practice counting, adding, and subtracting with your first grader, download the free version of King of Math Junior. This smart and fun game for iOS and Android has your kids working their way up in medieval society as they master the basics of math in a way that doesn’t feel anything like drill.

Beginning at the “Farmer” level, kids will choose their character from several different male and female options. As they accumulate points, they move from Farmer to Bard to Alchemist, and then continue up in society in the hopes that they will be crowned “king” at the end of the entire game.

One thing I love about King of Math Junior is the variety of exercises they offer to help teach each concept. In the Counting section, there are nine different subsections that go from the simplest form of counting to more complicated queries that require your kids to use their noggin before answering.

With ten questions in each of the nine subsections for a total of 90 questions in the Counting section alone, you can see why I don’t find this free version to be too skimpy at all.


King of Math Junior free version: app for iOS and Android

King of Math Junior free app for iOS and Android helps kids practice their math facts

Should your children want to keep going until they make it to “king” level, the full version is only $2.99 and will get them access to multiplication, fractions, and measuring sections. Though once they do become king, remind them that sorry, they still need to go to school.

King of Math Junior’s free version is available to download for iOS and Android. For kids ages 6-8, the first three sections in the free version may be a bit too easy for kids above second grade. For older students, check out King of Math which we recommended on Cool Mom Tech a few years ago.