Considering I laughed out loud when I saw this Chill Pills iPhone 6 case, I figured it was good enough to share. Just like my anti-anxiety please stop screaming about wearing pants pills, right parents?

Okay, I’m kidding, mostly, but I really do love this hilarious case from, which is sure to make anyone who sees it at least crack a smile. Of course, if you’re looking for a super protective case, then I’d say you might want to look elsewhere. But for something fun that, by the way, will help you find your phone in a sea of other iPhones in seemingly identical cases (why?!), you need this as much we moms need a bottle of real chill pills. And by chill pills I mean dark chocolate M&M’s fed to me by Idris Elba. Duh.

You can find a lot more funny or hey, serious iPhone 6 cases on our site. 

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