I never really latched onto the selfie trend, probably because every time I try, I end up partly cut off, at a weird angle or the lighting is awful. But thanks to these five sefie cases and flashes designed just for improving the almighty selfie, I may have a shot of improving my game.

Take a look at all the cool selfie technology we’ve got here, then think about who might need one of these affordable selfie accessories for Father’s Day, a birthday gift, holidays or beyond.

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Cool selfie cases and flashes: LuMee illuminated case is what the Kardashians use, so there's some selfie cred right there

LuMee Illuminated Cell Phone Case

If you’ve ever watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians (which I¬†certainly¬†never¬†have, ahem), you’ve probably seen these cases on their phones. Maybe you’ve even wondered, ooh — what’s up with that?¬†Well, I’m here to help. The LuMee comes with a built-in flash embedded into a¬†case that encircles the phone, which then¬†offers a continuous and soft light source while snapping. So not only does it illuminate your face, but softens it, too. The lack of¬†harsh lighting is probably why the Queens of Selfies use the LuMee. If you take a lot of selfies and you want to look great without too much filtering and after-effects, this is a solid choice. ($54, iPhone 5/5S/5SE/6/6S and Samsung Galaxy S6)


Selfie cases and flashes: The Ty-Lite selfiecase was designed by Beyonce's stylist and you can adjust the warmth and brightness

Ty-Lite Lighted iPhone Case

Speaking of celebrity cred, check out the Ty-Lite phone case which was created by Beyonce’s stylist himself. So, of course it’s completely fabulous, right? Similar to the LuMee, Ty-Lite provides in-case lighting for those spontaneous (or not so spontaneous) selfie moments. If you want to get really fancy, you can toggle between three¬†different light settings — cool, warm and brilliant — as well as adjustable brightness controls. That’s selfie-taking at a whole different level. ($79.99 for iPhone 6/6S)

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Selfie cases and flashes: The new iblazr2 clips onto your phone or tablet so just pop it in your bag and use as needed

iblazr 2 Wireless Flash for Phones

The original¬†iblazr we covered a while back has gotten an update and is now better and brighter than ever. If you don’t need a flash on your phone at all times, this is a nice accessory to be able to clip on¬†when¬†the time calls, like a night out with the girlfriends or your kid’s graduation party.¬†This selfie flash clips¬†onto your phone and connects via Bluetooth. You use an app to control the iblazr 2 selfie flash which¬†automatically synchronizes with your camera’s shutter to provide a nice burst of light. As with the Ty-Lite, you¬†can adjust the temperature of the light, and even¬†set it to be¬†a constant source of light for selfie videos and indoor¬†Facebook Live updates. ($59.95 for iPhone, iPad and Android)


Selfie flashes and cases: The Cyxus clip-on flash

Cyxus Clip-On Mini Selfie Flash

What’s nice about the Cyxus is that it’s totally clip-and-shoot. No need to download any apps or connect via Bluetooth; this is about as easy as you can get in terms of selfie flashes. the Cyxus¬†(and don’t ask us how to pronounce that) doesn’t operate as a “flash” in the typical camera sense, but is more like a clip-on mini spotlight, with¬†an on-off switch for extra light anytime you want, in your choice of three levels of brightness. Easy and portable. And affordable. ($34.90)



The best selfie flashes and lenses: Nova wireless flash offers a separate flattering, diffused light source like the pros would use

Nova Wireless Flash for Phones

If you want to skip the¬†need to attach a selfie flash or accessory¬†to your phone, the Nova Wireless Flash is another when-you-need it light source that will definitely improve the quality of your photos. It’s more like a mini version of the ambient light source that pro photographers will use in studio. As in, really mini. The super¬†slim design is a great benefit¬†because you can just slip it into your purse or pocket and pull it out¬†whenever you need it. I love the fact that it provides flattering, diffused light, which¬†will give your¬†photos a more retouched look — without actual retouching. It’s also a terrific mobile photography¬†accessory to have on hand for any photos¬†at all, even if you’re not in them. ¬†($59)

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Selfie flashes and lenses: The new F.lens gives your existing flashlight serious power in low-light situations

F.lens Flashlight Booster for Smartphones 

The F.lens isn’t a flash per se, but a smartphone accessory designed to¬†improve your smartphone’s existing¬†internal light source. The its main purpose is¬†to boost the power and brightness for night shooting (or campground flashlight use?)¬†and the small size means you’ll want to clip to a keychain or keep zipped up in a pouch so you don’t lose it. It’s worth noting that the F.lens attaches magnetically to the rear-facing camera, which means that, unless you have incredibly long arms, for selfies you’ll want to use it in low-light situations in conjunction with a good selfie stick. Are we still using those? ($19 via Kickstarter funding that ends June 10; scheduled shipping this summer)

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