Mis Amigos! One of our favorite early-reading apps, Endless Reader, has gone espagñol with the Endless Spanish app, an adorably playful and educational preschool app for both iOS and Android users.

Similar to the awesome Endless Reader, Endless Spanish introduces kids to frequently-used Spanish words such as amigo, casa, and flor with the help of some not-at-all-scary monsters, cheerful music, and silly sound effects. Kids learn not only how to pronounce each word but have to drag the individual letters into their proper place to help them remember how it’s spelled. The word is then used in a Spanish-language sentence which will need the kids’ help to complete as well.

Endless Spanish free app for iOS and Android teaches kids Spanish words in a fun way

Endless Spanish free app of the week for iOS and Android

Endless Spanish free app for iOS and Android teaches Spanish words in context

Please note that I’ve read a couple of comments from native Spanish speakers that some of the translations aren’t entirely authentic and a pronunciation or two could be better. But if your goal is to gently introduce the basics of a second (or third) language to your preschooler in a fun, not-overwhelming way, I think the Endless Spanish app is muy bien.

Endless Spanish is free to download the first six-word bundle for iOS and Android. Additional words can be purchased after you gauge your child’s interest.