If you’re like me, you try a bunch of lipsticks out on your hand, then think you find the right one only to realize it’s totally not your color. Well, that’s all about to change thanks to the new freeĀ Urban Decay Vice Lipstick app which is currently my new favorite thing ever. Seriously, I cannot stop playing around with it.

It’s set-up sort of like Tinder, but for lipstick colors. Once you download this free app, you hit “Experiment,” then allow the app access to your camera so you can snap a selfie. Then, it’ll flip through various Urban Decay lip colors which you can either swipe left (if they’re terrible) or swipe right (if you want to save them).Ā The ones you save will be stored under “My selects” so you can go back and buy them, or something similar, if you like.

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The new Vice Lipstick app lets you try colors before you buy them, right on your smart phone

The Urban Decay vice lipstick app: Try out lip colors before you buy them!

If you sort of know what you’re looking for in terms of color, you’ll want to try the “Explore” tab, which lets you pick from specificĀ color families or by finish. You can then swipe through the different shades or, click the phone button on the bottom right to see it on yourselfĀ live, sort of like a Snapchat filter, except, just lipstick. So fun!

No surprise, you can register to share your photos and encourage friends on the app itself to vote. For me, I just like playing around, especially with colors I might not actually ever think of trying, though I might have texted a couple of them to friends for opinions. I like that you get that option (along with saving to your photo gallery).

And whileĀ it’s a little glitchy right now, beware, and the photos aren’t the most fabulous, it’s free. And a total time suck. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Plus, now I know never to buy blue lipstick. Ever.

You can download the Vice Lipstick app for iPhone on iTunes.Ā 

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