I’m a big proponent of changing phone cases to match the season, so when summer rolls around, I always swap out my more stylish case for one that’s a little more utilitarian. With beach and pool visits a daily occurrence, that means a waterproof case. While you won’t necessarily get style points for these 5 waterproof cell phone cases, you will be the one with a dry phone that still works.

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Great waterproof cases: LifeProof FRE

LifeProof FRE

LifeProof has always been my personal waterproof case go to. It’s durable and definitely waterproof (I have dropped it in the pool with no consequence) and it’s really nice to have the peace of mind. LifeProof cases also protect from snow, dirt, sand and dust for all-around, all-year protection. They also offer the most variety for style and color. (For iPhone and Android, $79.99, or $67.95 at Amazon)


Great waterproof cases: Catalyst

Catalyst for iPhone

For a slimmer profile and a case that shows off your beautiful phone a little more, Catalyst might worth checking out. Equally waterproof, drop proof, dirt proof (hello, sand), Catalyst offers a different design, with a protective case around the perimeter and clear front and back. (iPhone 6, $69.99 or $64.95 at Amazon)


Great waterproof cases: Dog & Bone

Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact

What makes the Wetsuit Impact case different from the other cases on our list is that it also features a flexible glass screen that feels just like the iPhone screen you’re used to. No plastic screen protector or film covering here.  (iPhone and Android, $79.95 or $49.50 on Amazon)

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Great waterproof cases: Pelican Marine

Pelican Marine

For more serious swimmers, scuba divers, surfers who need total water protection, check out the Pelican Marine, which is tested for “complete and continuous submersion.” For those underwater selfies, of course. (iPhone 6/6S, $65 at Amazon)


Great waterproof cases: Hitcase PRO

Hitcase PRO

For the ultimate adventurer who relies on the iPhone for those great scenic shots when biking, climbing, sailing and spelunking (yes, spelunking), the Hitcase PRO comes with a TrueLUX Wide Angle lens for those landscape shots. The lenses are interchangeable and there are different mounts that can be used with the case, making this more of a year-round case commitment for thrill seekers. (iPhone, $99 or $69.99 at Amazon)