Over the years, we’ve gotten lots of questions about when kids should get their first cell phone, which we’ve always answered with questions ourselves, because really, it depends on a lot of factors. How old is your child? Are they responsible enough for a phone? What are they using for? The list goes on.

But now with Snowfox, a screen-free tracker for kids (and families), parents have another option before jumping into getting a cell phone for their kids who might not be ready just yet.

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The Snowfox is a tracker phone that allows you to stay connected with your kids and keep track of them with the built-in GPS

This little gadget is a phone and a locator all in one, designed for kids so parents can keep track of them and communicate with them, all without a screen. With a press of one button, you can make or accept calls, and the built-in GPS means parents can use the corresponding app to see where they are.

The Snowfox definitely hits the sweet spot of parents of elementary-aged kids who, if they’re like me, anyway, want to be able to send them down the street to play with friends, or around the corner to the local playground, but would like to be able to keep tabs on where they are and catch up with them with a quick call if need be. And all this without worrying kids are sitting on a screen playing apps, or worse, distracted by their phone so they’re not paying attention to what’s going on aka Pokemon Go syndrome.

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Pricing starts at $99 as part of their Indiegogo campaign, with a monthly subscription of around $10/month, which is significantly less than a cell phone for sure, but a little pricey for a gadget you might let your first grader out of the house with. But if it works well, this could be a fantastic starter device for kids who are ready for a little more responsibility, and for parents who want to give them that, safely.