Ever since I downloaded the¬†Artkive app¬†a few years ago, it’s been¬†my very favorite way to store¬†all the¬†artwork my kids¬†bring home from school. Instead of filling up my closets with huge stashes of paper (and glitter that never stays put, ugh), I¬†store it all digitally in the Artkive app. Then, every year or two, I purchase a photo book containing¬†all of their¬†artwork — complete with captions that indicates¬†the artist’s name and age.

It’s really a life saver for parents, and while it’s normally $4.99, it’s free just for our readers!

But it’s only free¬†for one week, so hurry and download it now.¬†Plus, anyone who creates a new account will get an additional $10 credit toward a keepsake book.

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Store your kids' art projects digitally with the Artkive app

Store your kids artwork -- and buy photo books with it all collected neatly -- on the Artkive app

Over the years, Artkive has evolved from just a storage app, to a service that lets you create those photo books,¬†plus¬†pillows, canvases of your kids’ artwork and more. Two¬†years ago they also added an¬†Artkive Concierge service, for those of you who’d rather spend a little¬†money to have someone else go through that box of your¬†kids’ artwork, scan it and organize it for you.¬†They’ve offered us a great bonus for our readers on this service too: use the code CMT in the referral code box, and you’ll get a free USB of all your kids’ artwork (a $25 value).

In other words, get on this freebie while you can! For a service we already value so much as parents, this is a pretty great deal.

You can find the Artkive iOS app at the iTunes store, or Artkive for Android at the Google Play store. The price is normally $4.99, but download it for free through August 21, 2016! Plus get a $10 credit toward photo books for new accounts.

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