Honestly, I’m not a hard-core audiophile who geeks out over the minute details about speaker drivers and subwoofers, but I am still picky with my speakers as I’m sure a lot of you are. I can hear the difference between a good speaker and a crappy one when I’m listening to my clean-the-house playlists or my favorite podcasts, and all things being equal, I admit I prefer the good ones.

So I’m really happy to find an outstanding new portable speaker that delivers the booming bass to fill our loft kitchen or the vacation rental house patio, all without the sticker-shock price tag.

Meet the new Vava Voo 20 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

(And before you laugh at the name, know it comes from a company named VaVa. So… Vava Voom.)

(Okay, you can still laugh. I kind of do.)

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Just launched this past month, I’ve been giving the Voom2 a try and I can safely say it’s replaced our Jambox Mini as portable family speaker of choice.

Dear Jambox Mini, it’s been fun. Thanks for the memories. And please know, it’s not you…I’ve just moved on. I hope you find happiness with someone else.

The sound of the VaVa Voom20 is impressively clear and strong. Far more so than I had expected from a brand I didn’t know all that well.

The design is nice and modern (because I do care about such things), the setup and Bluetooth pairing is intuitive, it will pair with two devices at once which is a smart feature should a call come in, and hey, it’s water-resistant! That’s a big deal to me as a parent, whether our speaker is out by the pool and the SuperSoakers come out, or we’re just hanging in the kitchen. Because as parents know, the kids’ juice boxes have this mysterious magnetic attraction to anything electronic.

VaVa Voom2: An affordable, amazing new portable Bluetooth speaker that's water-resistant too

As for battery life, the Voom20 reports up to ten hours of continuous play at 80% volume, and I’d say hm… honestly, it’s a bit less than that. But whether I’m getting eight or 9.5 hours on a single charge that’s more than enough for me and how we listen to music.

As for the portability claims, at 1.5 pounds I wouldn’t call it lightweight per se; this is a solid little bit of technology. But it definitely tosses easily into a beach tote or travel bag while still remaining substantial enough that my kids won’t knock it off the table.

But really, it’s the price that I think will sell a lot of families: just $79.  Compare that with the $149 JBL Charge+2, or the $199 Bose SoundLink Mini or the UE Boom — all of which I happen to love. But still, $79 is a very sweet deal for such a solid, attractive, portable speaker that delivers on everything you need it to deliver on.

Definitely keep this one on the tech gift list in your head for your favorite college student, frequent traveler, office jockey, or just the family in general. I sure will.


Find the Vava Voom 20 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker at our affiliate Amazon, or learn more from the VaVa website. Thanks to the company for sending CMT one for consideration.

Extra Cool: Visit the VaVa site where they’re currently offering weekly giveaway for US residents. Nice!