With back-to-school in full swing for most of us, the grind of managing a schedule with after school activities and homework is picking back up again. But after late nights and lazy summer mornings, the hurdle for these first few weeks is getting everyone out of bed in the morning. From mobile options to hardware options, here are 6 smart ways to get kids up on time that you might not know about that might finally work to getting kids out of bed, and even better, without you nagging them.


Great Alarm Clocks on Mobile Devices

How to wake up kids in the morning: Use Hey Siri to set your alarm

Hey Siri

If your kids are iOS users, using Hey Siri to set an alarm is as easy as pie. Simply tell Siri what time to sound the alarm every morning and you have an insta-alarm that’s reliable, and most importantly loud (just make sure their ringer is turned all the way up). Your kids can also use Hey Siri to set reminders on other things like homework assignments, practices and lesson times.

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How to wake up kids in the morning: Wave Alarm app
Wave Alarm app

Rousing kids with movement is a good way to get them up, and the Wave Alarm app is perfect for that. It uses the front-facing camera and motion detection technology, so kids will need to actually wave their arm around over the phone to turn it off. Hint: Set it up far from their bed! (Free, iOS and Google Play)


How to wake your kids up in the morning? Use the Alarmy app

Alarmy app

This app is pretty much a guarantee that your kids will wake up when their alarm goes off because in order for them to turn it off, they have to take a photo that matches whatever’s in their settings: Bathroom sink, their backpack, you get the idea. There are easier settings too, like clicking, shaking, even doing a math problem if you want to ease into the tougher photo option. ($1.99, iOS)

Great Alarm Clocks for the Nightstand

How to wake kids up in the morning: The BEDDI is like 5 gadgets in one

BEDDI is a very smart alarm clock with a ton of cool features. Besides the alarm, charging dock and Bluetooth speaker functionalities, it can also double as a white noise machine and a nightlight, with a complementary app that allows you to set mood lighting in any color you’d like. BEDDI even integrates with smart home devices like WeMo, which is really what you’ll need to get that coffeemaker going in the morning. It’s not cheap — but it’s something that will grow with your kids through college. Or hey, maybe you need it for yourself. ($99.99 at Amazon.com)

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How to wake kids up in the morning: Clocky alarm clock


Similar to the Wave app, Clocky banks on getting kids up by getting them moving. Not only does it beep at the designated time, but if you hit snooze, it goes on the run, forcing sleepy snoozers to chase after it and trap it to turn it off. Brilliant! Just make sure there are no piles of clothes on the floor to get in the way of Clocky’s route. ($39.99 at Amazon)


How to wake kids up in the morning: Philips Wake-Up Light

Philips Wake-Up Light

For a more gradual rousing and less jarring option than chasing something around the bedroom, consider the Philips Wake-Up Light which we even included in our recent post on tips and tricks to getting better sleep. Using gradual light that increases in brightness for 30 minutes before your desired wake-up time, this gadget actually coordinates with your own internal body cues. At the set alarm time, a gentle beeping also accompanies the light to help get your kids up. Which they may appreciate more than you yelling, FOR THE LAST TIME, GET UP! ($75 at Amazon) 

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