I love the idea of traveling¬†the world with my kids, but actually getting out there and doing it is another thing. I mean, the chance that we’d go¬†float the Amazon or climb the Himalayas anytime soon is minimal. Scratch that, it’s nonexistent. But thanks to today’s tech, my kids can see faraway places in pretty impressive ways. My favorite new one is the¬†fun free app Verne: The Himalayas for Android.

Cool free app of the week: Verne, the Himalayas

Explore Google maps' 3D images of the Himalayas with the free app Verne: The Himalayas

Explore the culture and geography of the Himalayan mountains with the free app Verne: the Himalayas

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In this app, you explore a 3D view¬†of¬†the Himalayas through the perspective of Verne, a 500-foot tall yeti, and his best friend, a yak. Hilarious, right?¬†It uses Google maps’ actual footage of the Himalayas to let you run up the mountains, skate on lakes, or ride a jetpack. You can even chase wild animals,¬†play traditional Himalayan instruments, and maybe even stumble upon some real hikers. You’ll discover bits of information about the region as you play too.

It’s a mashup of the¬†geography and culture of the area, plus¬†yetis. It just doesn’t get better than that.

Download Verne: The Himalayas at the Google play store today. Then start saving up for that actual trip to Nepal.

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