If you’re looking for a fun way to expose kids to new languages, we’ve been very impressed with quality of foreign language training you get with the free Duolingo app.

You can choose from dozens of foreign languages, including common ones our kids learn like Spanish, French and German, and more some that aren’t part of most school curricula, like Irish, Hebrew, even Turkish. Then, using a variety of techniques, like flash cards, spoken sections, vocal practice (using your phone’s microphone), and spelling practice, your kids will begin learning the basics.

Of course, the little badges and medals you earn as you go are fun motivators too.


The free Duolingo app makes it fun for you and your kids to learn a foreign language.

Learn a new language with the free Duolingo app.

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While my kids aren’t fluent in Italian or Swedish yet, they have learned a few vocabulary words, which is a great start. And hey, if they stick with the app, it might just help them when foreign language is a school requirement.

You can download the free Duolingo app for iOS or Android and start learning a new language (or two) right away.