I have a bit of a toothbrush obsession, which is greatly exacerbated by the all-time biggest candy-eating holiday of the year. I’d like to blame it on working for a dentist for many years, but it’s probably because I feel like everything is going since turning 40 and I’m determined to keep my teeth and gums in tip-top shape. That’s why I was more than willing to give the quip electric toothbrush a try.

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Created with the hopes that design would have a bigger impact on oral health than lots of gimmicks, the quip definitely delivers. Everything from the sleek, rounded design, to the timer, which buzzes at 30 second intervals and shuts off at 2 minutes, makes this something you’ll look forward to using. Not to mention, the rose gold. (Sorry, I’m a sucker for metallics).

You can easily hang the brush on your mirror using the holder, which doubles as a travel cover, by the way. And if you purchase a refill plan, you’ll get a new brush head, along with a new battery for your quip, every 3 months, something so many people (including myself more often than I’d like to admit) forget to replace.

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The quip can be purchased alone, or as a set with their anti-cavity toothpaste, with plans that include refills every 3 months available as well. They’ve even got family plans as well, though I’d say these are sized for tweens and teens, not young kids. It’s certainly not as cheap as something you might grab at your local drug store, but it’s not at all as high-priced as you might expect.

And if it gets you and your family to stay on top on your toothbrushing, especially without you having to nag, I say it’s definitely worth a look.

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