Leave it to Firefly to come up with a new, high-tech toothbrush that may get even your most reluctant dental hygiene practitioners begging to brush “just one more time.” The new Firefly Darth Vader Lightsaber Light-Up Toothbrush is just what you think it is: A combo of lights, sound effects, and the magic of villainous movie characters, all designed to encourage kids today to do what we used to have to do back in the day, with no incentive at all.

The two-minute cycle starts with some deep breathing sounds you’ll probably recognize (no, not from yoga class), then every so often, some nifty, whooshing lightsaber sfx chime in.

After one minute the lights stop flashing, signaling it’s time to switch from top to bottom teeth. After two minutes you hear a message about The Force — and then it all goes mercifully quiet.

The battle is won. For now.

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Firefly light-up Star Wars lightsaber toothbrushes get kids brushing better than you will!

While the Firefly toothbrush is a terrific gimmick for kids, and indeed, my own have been rushing to use theirs each day, fair warning for parents: Don’t get one until your kids are old enough to brush their teeth all on their own.

While your kids will love them, after a few mornings and nights of lightsaber sounds, you may prefer to be in a galaxy far, far away from the bathroom sink when they’re in use.

Find the Firefly Darth Vader Lightsaber Light-Up Toothbrush at a great price from our affiliate Target – $4.99 each, with a second for 50% off — great price for Star Wars party goodie bag favors! You can also find it from Amazon. Unfortunately the batteries are not replaceable, so don’t let the kids use theirs as actual lightsabers. Thanks to Firefly for sending us samples for consideration.