I have been a hard core fan of the quip electric toothbrush, long before you probably heard their ads on podcasts (though not on Spawned just yet!) or could find them at your local Target. I have even bought them for my kids, though that was before they decided to make a quip toothbrush one especially for kids. So when I heard they launched t, I was stoked. And not that very thing, I was stoked.

And not surprisingly, the new quip for kids toothbrush they sent me to try out with my kids does not disappoint.

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The quip for kids is pretty similar to the adult version, which means it’s sleek and smart, two things that you probably may not think you need in a toothbrush but are so glad when you have them. The kids’ version has a waterproof rubber grip, and a smaller brush head, but like the adult version, still has the very cool timer that alerts you every 30 seconds to change quadrants, and then shuts off after two minutes.

And, if you sign up for a quip toothbrush subscription, you’ll get a new brush head and battery every three months like clockwork, right in the mail, which is super convenient.

(Though my mom advice: keep some peroxide handy to disinfect your brush head, if your kids get sick between your scheduled deliveries.)

quip for kids: A grown-up toothbrush that's made for kids

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Quip touts the holder, which allows you to stand the toothbrush upright on a counter or actually attach it to your mirror, but honestly, it feels a little bit schtick-y and not super practical for kids who tend to just toss everything everywhere.

That said, overall, I’m loving this toothbrush. But better, my kids are too.

And if you’ve got kids like mine who always seem to need some not-so-gentle nagging to brush twice a day for two minutes, this will definitely make your job a little bit easier. At least, I hope it does. I’m sorry that it does not come with that guarantee. Maybe version 2.0?

You can get the new quip for kids toothbrush, replacement heads and more, online from their website