If you’re a photo hoarder like me, but never actually get your photos off your phone or tablet for anyone to see, I bet you’ll be as intrigued as I was by this new interactive photo album called Joy.

The Joy Album is a gorgeous digital gadget that allows you to share, view, and preserve your memories without having to print them out or pop them into a physical photo album. Created by former Apple and Sonos designers, the 13″ touchscreen showcases individual photos, and also features montages and customizable layouts that incorporate photos and videos into one screen. It’s basically an ongoing reel of favorite memories that you can personalize with extra text to tell the full story.

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Joy: a beautiful, interactive way to display photos

Joy: a digital photo album that's unlike anything you've ever seen

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To get photos actually on the Joy, you can use the app to upload photos or email them directly to your device. There’s also the ability to share between devices if someone else has a Joy as well, and you can even share from the device to email, which means you can send friends and relatives photo updates to their computer or mobile device.

Right now, Joy is available for pre-order for $299 (shipping summer 2017), with price jumping to $499 once it’s widely available, so if you feel like this is something your family would love, hope on it now. Yes, it definitely a pricey investment, especially when there’s no other function for it (read: it’s not a tablet), but then again, if it allows you to bypass the guilt you might feel every time your pass the empty photo albums on the bookshelf and actually enjoy these photos on a daily basis, then it may be well worth it.