If you were hoping to gift that amazing mini NES Classic Edition that everyone’s drooling over and won’t get it in time for the holidays, here’s a fun idea: wrap this super cool Nebula of NES Games poster as preview of what’s to come in a few months when these consoles become available again.

Created by Pop Chart Labs (we love these guys), this amazing poster features all the NES games released between 1984 and 1993 — that’s over 700, by the way — in an awesome visual. They’re broken down based on release date and genre, with over 100 of the most recognizable titles as illustrations.

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The Nebula of NES Games poster at Pop Chart Labs

You can purchase the print only, or add a frame to make it extra giftier. Who knows? With this under the tree, they might even forget about the gaming console. Ha, okay, maybe not. But definitely a fantastic runner up.

Find the Nebula of NES Games poster online at PopChart Labs