So many families are looking for ways to give back over the holidays — and so many charities and schools are looking for helpers — which is why we love resources like Golden’s volunteer app (iOS and Android). Golden lets you scroll through volunteer opportunities that are near you, read a description of what’s needed (many with a cheeky sense of humor to them), and then tap Down to Volunteer if you, indeed, are.

It’s just about the simplest way to find ways to give back that we can think of. And during the busy holiday season, that makes a big difference.

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Organize volunteers or find opportunities easily with the free volunteer app Golden.

With the free volunteer app Golden, you can rate opportunities as Golden or Not Golden, according to what you like to do.

Search for volunteer opportunities by your schedule, in the free volunteer app Golden.

You can search for opportunities based on your preferences in the free volunteer app Golden.

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Whether you’re a non-profit, school, or community group that needs volunteers, or you’re just an individual looking for ways to help out, Golden has tons of resources that make it easy to give back — from logging your volunteer hours for you to cutting corporate costs by helping you go completely paperless. We also love that you can complete a background check, which so many organizations require now, right in the app, and save it for future volunteering opportunities.

After you serve, you can rate your volunteering opportunities (and organizations can rate their volunteers). I’ve found these to be really helpful as I try to decide how I want to give my time. Because getting to a volunteer site and finding out it’s not at all what you expected is frustrating.

The only downside is that some areas may not have many opportunities on Golden until people start to hear about it and use it. So the more you spread the word about its great features, the better it will be to use.

Download Golden’s volunteer app for free for iOS or Android devices, and start finding fun, easy ways to give back to your community.

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