I reached into my bag the other day and pulled out a gigantic knot comprised of my computer charging, my earbuds, and my lightning cable. If this sounds even vaguely familiar, here are 3 tech organizers, in 3 different price ranges, that are smart solutions to a pervasive problem we tech lovers have.

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Cocoon GRID-IT

3 cool tech organizers: Cocoon GRID-IT

We featured the Cocoon GRID-IT six years ago (yes, six!) because we thought it was such a simple, clever way to keep tech organized. And surprise, we still like it. You can pop them into your laptop bag, a backpack, even your handbag, with the elastic band system equipped to hold all your tech accessories and a whole lot more.

Twelve South BookBook 

3 cool tech organizers: Twelve South BookBook Journal

At first glance it looks like a book, but unzip the BookBook Travel Journal from Twelve South, one of our favorite tech companies, and it’s a smart tech organizer. You’ll find pockets and holders for everything you carry with you, from accessories to your actual tablet. And not only does it keep them organized, but it keeps them all safe as well.

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This is Ground Tech Dopp Kit

3 cool tech organizers: This is Ground tech dopp kit

This brilliant tech organizer from This is Ground features a place for everything you carry with you, handcrafted in gorgeous leather. They’re not cheap, though they are available in a few different sizes, with the smaller version being not as pricey as the larger ones. We’ve heard nothing but amazing things from anyone who’s owned them, and hey, if it finally gets you organized, perhaps it’s worth the splurge.