We’re getting a good laugh out of the Merriam-Webster Twitter account, and don’t we all need a good laugh, lately? If you’re not following them, you should. Also, may we suggest downloading the free Merriam-Webster dictionary app? Sure, it’s the most respected source for definitions, pronunciations, and spellings in the English language, but it also has a great (albeit, subtle) sense of humor.

Or, a great jocoseness, if you will.

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Merriam Webster's free dictionary app is informative (and lately, funny too)

Boost your vocabulary with games on the free Merriam-Webster dictionary app.

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The app has a full dictionary and thesaurus with audio pronunciations, which is a great resource for checking your spelling in emails to teachers, helping kids with their homework, or proving to your relatives that you say the word aunt correctly and they don’t. They’ve also added new quizzes and games that test your literacy, which are a fun way to pass the time while you’re waiting on line.

But I especially love their word of the day. It’s always informative and helps me boost my vocabulary. Lately it’s also given me a good laugh in the morning, thanks to their choice of words that are (ahem) particularly relevant to our political climate at the moment.

Download the Merriam Webster dictionary app for iOS or Android, and start increasing your personal lexicon today.