We share a lot about Internet privacy and talking to kids about web safety here on Cool Mom Tech, because we’re parents too, and let’s just say parenting in the digital age is no easy feat. Sometimes, it can be downright scary. That’s why we think this article we discovered on Quartz is a must-read.

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In this article, a UK lawyer actually rewrote the Instagram Privacy policy using child-friendly language to assist parents in having a discussion about Internet use and privacy with their teens and tweens. Though honestly, it’s a helpful breakdown for us grown-ups too. Now, keep in mind, kids should be 13 and older in order to legally use the app, but we know a lot of parents who had made exceptions. If you’ve got kids on Instagram, or even if you have kids that are on the Internet at all, we strongly recommend you take a look, as well as talk to your kids about it.

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