With so many families ditching land lines and moving strictly to mobile phones, the biggest issue has been what to do when you need to call 911. In fact, it’s such a big deal that I know lots of parents who have decided to keep their land line just for that reason. But, there are safety precautions you can take if you’ve decided to go land line free in your home.

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Along with keeping your phone charged at all times (maybe we suggest a portable battery charger?), it’s important that your kids know the first thing they should say if they ever need to call 911. Because even though cell phone calls to 911 should be picked up by a local tracker, that’s not always the case, not to mention the connection could be not-so-great, depending on where you are.

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That’s why we’re so appreciative of this simple tip from Life Hacker for exactly what to teach your kids to say when they dial 911 from a cell phone. While we hope they never have to make that call, it’s important for them to be as prepared as possible.