If you caught that awesome GE commercial that ran during the Oscars, asking, what if female scientists¬†were treated like rock stars?¬†then no surprise that they’re extending the campaign in a very 2017 way: With a¬†SciMoji women of science emoji sticker pack.

Install the app¬†from the App Store, and you can respond to WHERE R U with a photo of astronaut Joan Higgenbotham¬†suiting up.¬†Having a good day? Text a sticker that reads I’m as positive as a proton!¬† Or kick off a hot sexting session with your geeky sweetheart, using the sticker of carbon scientist Millie Dresselhaus that declares,¬†we have an ionic bond.¬†


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It’s a fairly¬†diverse group of 11 heroes of science on 24 stickers — several of whom worked for GE of course — although I am missing my fantasy¬†BFF Katherine Johnson.

Just know that it may look like a keyboard (like Bitmoji), but it’s a sticker app.

To use it, download the app then enter an iMessage conversation > click the App Store Icon (looks like an A) next to the texting field > Click the 4 Dots > Click the  SciMoji stickers. 

Oh and it’s only available for iOS and iMessage. Perhaps there’s some quantitative, peer-reviewed research indicating that¬†women of science don’t use Android phones.

Download the SciMoji women of science emoji sticker pack free at the App Store for iOS devices.

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