I’m always a little more motivated to get to my chores when there’s a little reward involved, like watching a guilty pleasure TV show while I fold laundry. It’s the same for my kids, and the Stridepost app (iOS and Android) helps them see how doing their share around the house will earn them both an allowance and fun rewards for pitching in.

Plus, it keeps track of events on our family calendar alongside the kids’ chores and responsibilities, which makes it easier to manage it all in one handy place. Here’s how it works.

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Stridepost chores app: Manage kids' events and to-dos all in one handy page.

The parents’ app

Parents can set up profiles for each child in the app, and customize each child’s chores and rewards. When you add a new to-do, you can customize who has to do it, how often, and how much “effort” it takes — which dictates how many points your kids will earn. The app is set up so that 100 points equals $1 of allowance, so keep that in mind as you give each task its value.

You can also customize your kids’ rewards, and will probably want to because the defaults are a little wonky, unless you want to pay your kids for smiling. In LEGO sets. That said, I loved some of their suggestions because I hadn’t thought about them before.

What’s unique about Stridepost is that you can add events to your schedule, so that kids can see their activities and appointments alongside the chores you expect them to do each day. It’s especially helpful to have partners or caregivers using this too so everyone’s on the same page.

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Stridepost chores app: Kids can see their events and the chores they're expected to do each day.


The kids’ app

While you can use this system if kids don’t have their own gadgets, the Stridepost Kids app is really made to help kids manage their own schedule, and keep you from having to nag them. So, I think it’s really best for bigger kids and tweens.

When they swipe on one of their chores, it will give options for them to skip it, click it done, and add a photo for proof, which is a little over-the-top for me, but if you need to check up on them, it’s there. Once your child marks a chore done, it immediately indicates on the parent app that they’ve done it. Then parents can approve it so the kids get credit.

Every Sunday is payday, and the kids can cash out their points for rewards or allowance, or both.

One note: the default settings allow for the app to send you a daily email reminding you to make sure you’ve approved your kids chores. In my experience, this isn’t necessary. The kids are reminding me plenty.

Bottom Line

This is a pretty involved app. Okay, super involved. But if you’re looking for something to help you wrangle chores and allowances, along with keeping up with your daily calendar, this might be exactly what you’re looking for. Plus, it’s free, so you’re not losing anything. It’s definitely most effective if kids have their own gadgets, so keep that in mind before you download the app.

You can try the Stridepost app free for 90 days (and you don’t have to give your credit card number, yippee!) for iOS or Android devices.