Wait, what? You’re not listening to our Spawned podcast? Well, we’re just going to have to help you change that! We think it’s a wonderful way to spend 30 minutes in your week, and we hope after listening that you think so too.

If you’re not familiar with podcasts or why you’d want to start listening to them, we’ve got a simple tutorial to get you set up, complete with our favorite podcasts (and nope, not just ours).

For iPhone users, you can subscribe right on iTunes and it will pop right into the podcast app that’s already on your phone. If you’re an Android user, you can listen via the player on the posts linked below, or check out the Stitcher app.

Then, check out these 5 Spawned podcasts we think we’re extra awesome, from funny to super helpful to just plain silly, here’s hoping we win you over this Memorial Day weekend. And give you something to drown out the bickering kids in the back seat.

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How to get kids to eat better, even the picky ones

If you’re in the business of feeding kids (hello, parenthood), you’ll want to check out this episode, featuring special guest Stacie Billis, our Cool Mom Eats managing editor and all-around food rockstar. We bet you’ll love her helpful, practical tips as much as we did.

The worst Mother’s Day pitches 

We know Mother’s Day is long gone, but if you haven’t listened to the ridiculous stuff people try to pitch us as Mother’s Day gifts, you’re missing out. This is one of our funniest episodes by far!


How to talk to kids about social media on Spawned | Cool Mom Tech

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Talking to kids about social media

In this episode, we tackle the tough questions about how to talk to your kids about their social media use, and how we as parents can monitor them and stay informed as things change so rapidly. Pro tip: Make sure you’re following Cool Mom Tech on Twitter. 

How to talk to your kids about money 

Author and financial expert Beth Kobliner joined us to share super awesome advice on how to talk to your kids about money. She answers all our questions about allowance and bank accounts, and even tells us what we’re doing right (and wrong) with our own kids.

Escape from Caillou 

Liz decided to play TV show matchmaker for Kristen and give her some ideas for her next binge watch. And, Kristen surprises Liz with a hilarious Cool Pick of the Week that you do not want to miss. So funny! (And speaking of Caillou, the episode where we talk about the worst kids’ TV shows  with comic writer Wendi Aarons is worth a listen too).

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