If you’ve got budding coders and STEM lovers in your home, they can now practice their skills on a few scenes from Wonder Woman thanks to a new collaboration with DC Legends, Google Play, and Made With Code.

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Kids can head over to their website and check out this interactive coding project where they can code three scenes from the Wonder Woman movie. And, no high level skills needed; this is a great opp to encourage kids (especially girls) to give coding a try.

With a very small percentage of video game characters are women (can we change that please?), and girls less likely than boys to pursue computer science careers, it’s pretty awesome that DC Legends, Google Play, and Made With Code have teamed up to help encourage teen girls to get excited about coding using one of the coolest and strongest female super heroes there is. And hey, it’s great for boys too. It’s important for them to see strong women kicking a$$ and taking numbers, too.

via Engadget

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