We’re big fans of Sphero, as you might guess considering we’ve featured lots of their cool tech toys here on Cool Mom Tech (BB-8 anyone?), so it’s no surprise we’re intrigued by their newest launch, Spider-Man. But unlike their other toys that move around, Spider-Man keeps you company without having to lift a finger. Or web.

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This WIFI-connected interactive toy does everything from tell jokes to guard your room, all at your request. That’s right, just ask (or tell) Spider-Man what you need and he’ll take care of the rest. Want to play? He’ll come up with imaginative adventures for you to act out. Or, create your own super hero alter-ego and write your own stories. And yes, his LCD eyes actually move. Cool, and perhaps, a little creepy.

The new Sphero Spider-Man tech toy | Cool Mom Tech

We’re guessing there would be a lot of tweens or teens who would love Spider-Man (or let’s be hones here: dads), though we should mention, it doesn’t necessarily seem to have the same educational value as their other tech toys, which is important to note given the price point. Maybe just get an Amazon Echo and dress it up like Spider-Man?

But hey, if you’ve got a Spidey lover in your home, this would be the perfect gift to keep them company. And protect their mancave from intruders.