With parents — and teens — spending so much time on the road, road safety is always a top concern. for families. That’s why you need to check out Bouncie, a smart little device that easily plugs into your car (no tools required!) and sends helpful data right to your smartphone to help keep you safe.

Just download the free app for iOS or Android, then plug the device into your car’s Onboard Diagnostics Port (or ODP, and every car has one). That’s it!

Bouncie helps keeps families safer on the road | Sponsor | Cool Mom Tech

You’ll get insightful vehicle diagnostics, like updates about your fuel levels and your car battery status.

So Bouncie won’t just keep you safe, it will help keep you sane — no more waking up and realizing your tank is on empty when you’re already running late in the morning.

You can also track the location of any Bouncie-enabled car which can put a lot of parental minds at ease, and even create dedicated driving zones, so you know when your vehicle has ventured out onto a two-hour road-trip at 10PM, when it was supposed to be safely parked in a friend’s driveway during a sleepover all night.

And if you want to keep an extra eye on a new, less experienced driver in your household, create notifications for speed, acceleration, even hard braking. It offers parents a great opportunity to be able to have some gentle conversations about safer driving habits.

The Bouncie app gives you information about the driving habits of your family members | Sponsor | Cool Mom Tech

Another benefit of the Bouncie app is that it’s a safe space to gather all that important insurance and vehicle information digitally, all in one place. No more digging around for forms or registration numbers when you need them. Hooray!

What a lot of busy parents will really love are the renewal reminders, ensuring you never miss a registration or inspection deadline — and hopefully helping you avoid those awful, expensive tickets for expired inspection stickers that totally slipped your mind.

All this peace of mind comes for just $8/month for an individual account, or if you have 3 members, starting at $20/month for a family, plus the affordable Bouncie device itself.

Check out Bouncie now, and see how it can work to help keep your whole family a whole lot safer.

This is a sponsored message from Bouncie, which is available for all modeled manufactured cars for the last 20 years.