Who says your iPhone can’t get dressed up for Halloween? These fun Halloween iPhone cases are the perfect way to get a little festive for October 31st, especially since your camera is going to be seeing a lot of action with all those Halloween photos.

And who says you can’t be a little spooky all year long? Save the money you might spend on a costume for yourself and dress your phone up instead.

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This iPhone case is fangtastic. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. But hey, if you’re a True Blood or Vampire Diaries fan, this is screaming your name.

It’s going to take a whole lot of witchcraft to keep our sanity with all the sugar, which is why this case is perfect for parents.

Zombowie! Ground control to Major Tom, we need this iPhone case.

How did they know this is exactly how I feel when I’m doing yoga? Old. Really freaking old.

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