Raise your hand if you already have tickets to see The Last Jedi. Yep, we’re obsessed too at our house, so I’m (obviously) looking for hot new Star Wars gifts for my kids this holiday season. At the top of my list: Bloxels Star Wars. This cool hands-on game lets my kids use tactile game pieces to design their own video game boards, which they can then go play on their iPad, Android or Kindle devices. Awesome, this is!

Note: Room designed to look like the inside of the Death Star not required for game to work. Ha! 

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Bloxels Star Wars: Design (and play) your own Star Wars video games

Bloxels Star Wars: Use a physical board game to design your own video game boards.

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The Bloxels Star Wars kit includes a large, square board with dozens of tiny, multi-colored blocks. Each block represents land, water, the Death Star, or other Star Wars-y stuff. Your kids then use those blocks to design their own video game boards, which they can play via the Bloxels Star Wars app.

Sounds complicated? Not really. The game is designed for kids ages 8-12, but our younger ones have figured it out too.

With The Last Jedi coming out in just a few weeks, Star Wars is going to be a hot holiday gift this year. (Who are we kidding: it is every year.) But this year, I’m giving my own kids this game (shhh) because it gets them involved with the story by creating their own content.

And that’s screen time that’s resisting the pull of the dark side, for this mom.

You can find Bloxels Star Wars at your local toy store or our affiliate Amazon. Thanks to Bloxels for sending us a game board to try out.