Looking for cool last-minute gifts for kids that don’t feel last minute at all? We are big fans of STEM subscription gift boxes. These cool boxes will encourage their interest in science, technology, engineering, or math, and inspire creativity no matter what they love to do. Plus, what kid doesn’t love getting mail? Here, our favorite 11 STEM subscription boxes that make fantastic holiday gifts for kids, last minute or not.

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MYSTEMBOX. MyStemBox subscriptions are fun and sophisticated science kits, featuring chemistry, electrical engineering, computer programming, math, spatial awareness, and biology experiments, aimed at girls ages 8-13. Scientist Kina McAllister founded MyStemBox when she was researching HIV genetic therapy (so cool!) and saw the disparity of women in STEM professions. (starting at $25/month)

STEM box subscription gifts for kids from Thimble | 2017 Holiday Tech Gift Guide

THIMBLE. Thimble subscriptions each feature projects using electronics components that transform into something cool. The first kit will allow kids to construct their very own WiFi-enabled robot. Once the robot is built, you can use the complementary Thimble app to control it. What’s even cooler is that kids can further customize their robots with sensors, commands and blinking lights to give kids more insight and control over how to program. Definitely pricey, but these are no construction paper and scissors craft kits, either. (starting at $59/month)

STEM box subscription gifts for kids from Amazon's STEM Club | 2017 Holiday Tech Gift Guide

AMAZON’S STEM CLUB. Meet STEM Club subscriptions from Amazon, which might just be a smart idea to send friends and family who might still be shopping for your own kids, too. Each month, Amazon experts sends an age-appropriate STEM toy with a wide age range from 3 to 13. ($19.99/month)

STEM box subscription gifts for kids from Cratejoy Scikidz Labs | 2017 Holiday Tech Gift Guide

CRATEJOY SCIKIDZ LABS. Club Scikidz subscriptions by Cratejoy introduce children to the mysteries of science and technology through projects and experiments. Each box contains a variety of career based activities such as veterinary medicine, robotics, food science, programming, and more. ($29.95/month)

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STEM box subscription gifts for kids from Bitsbox | 2017 Holiday Tech Gift Guide

BITSBOX. Our past sponsor Bitsbox offers subscriptions that include coding projects delivered monthly, along with other cool goodies like stickers, temporary tattoos, and coupons and discounts on educational toys. Kids can actually create their own apps. Awesome! (starting at $19.95/month)

STEM box subscription gifts for kids from Tinker Crate by Kiwi Co | 2017 Holiday Tech Gift Guide

TINKER CRATE BY KIWICO. Aimed at kids ages 9-14+, Tinker Crate subscriptions by KiwiCo (Kiwi Crate) will appeal to kids who like to, well, tinker. If you have a child who loves to build things and figure out how they work, they’ll enjoy getting this crate and getting busy on projects focused on the hot topics of science, engineering and technology. Kids may make a working trebuchet one month, and then put together a simple motor the next. (starting at $16.95/month)

STEM box subscription gifts for kids from Little Passports Science Expeditions | 2017 Holiday Tech Gift Guide

LITTLE PASSPORTS SCIENCE EXPEDITIONS. When we found out another of our favorites, Little Passports subscriptions, was launching science-themed boxes, we set our expectations really high. And they didn’t disappoint. The kit we tested was all about forensics, and included fingerprinting equipment, supplies to examine the DNA in a piece of fruit, and a kid-friendly graphic novella showing how forensic detectives do their work. (starting at $18.95/month)

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STEM box subscription gifts for kids from Howtoons | 2017 Holiday Tech Gift Guide

HOWTOONS. We can’t wait to try Howtoons subscriptions after seeing the kits that are shipped in their monthly boxes, everything from build your own ukulele to rubber band cars and kites.  These subscriptions are made to inspire young minds ages 7-12 in tangible ways they can see. (on sale now for $54.99/3-months or $24.99/month)

STEM box subscription gifts for kids from Genius Box | 2017 Holiday Tech Gift Guide

GENIUSBOX. The founders at GeniusBox subscriptions were inspired by the Mentos and Diet Coke explosion, and we think that’s fun. They wanted to bring hands-on experience to a digital generation with experiments to inspire curiosity. The box experiments are simple products that create big ideas like chain reactions and laws of motion. (starting at $25/month)

STEM box subscription gifts for kids from Steve Spangler's Science Club | 2017 Holiday Tech Gift Guide

STEVESPANGLER’S SCIENCE CLUB. If you’re a fan of “The Ellen Show” (aren’t we all?) then you are probably already familiar with Steve Spangler’s Science Club subscriptions. What we like best is that you can choose the number of STEM projects you receive in each box, from one to ten! Let’s face it, that could be a lifesaver for those ‘bored’ kind of days. You can also get a bite size snack. And everyone loves snacks. (starting at $9.99/month)

STEM box subscription gifts for kids from Green Kid Crafts | 2017 Holiday Tech Gift Guide

GREEN KID CRAFTS. Green Kid Crafts subscriptions (you may know them formerly as Appleseed Lane) are perfect for preschoolers and the early elementary set though, who will enjoy doing a lot of the projects (mostly) on their own. and that’s the age that it’s great to start getting kids enthusiastic about STEM. (starting at $17.95/month)

Top Photo: Bitsbox by Kristen Chase