The Apple Watch Series 3 is on our wish lists this year (hint, hint), but we know a gift that splurgy may not be in everyone’s budget. So, we’ve collected some of our very favorite Apple Watch bands and accessories that make great gifts for anyone who already has one, or for those people who are going to save their Christmas or Hanukkah money to buy one for themselves.

Because, hey, who says you can’t give yourself a gift this season too?

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At top: The Ultimate Cuff Apple Watch series 3 band

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Best apple watch accessories: Gold studded band by Bezels & Bytes at Nordstrom | Holiday Tech Guide 2017

Bezels & Bytes Studded Leather Watch strap 

This gold-studded Apple Watch band is sexy and fun with just the right amount of edge. Feel free to hide this one in our stockings this year. (site no longer available)

Best Apple Watch accessories: Leather band by Arrow & Board | Holiday Tech Guide 2017

Arrow & Board Triple Tour Apple Watch band

The handcrafted leather watch bands from Arrow & Board are on the pricier side, but they’re made to last. The leather is split so that the band can be worn three different ways, so you can change up your style without changing out your band.

Best Apple Watch bands and accessories: HiRise Duet charger from Twelve South | Holiday Tech Guide 2017


HiRise Duet Apple Watch charger

I love my HiRise bedside charger (available in white and black) from Twelve South, because it keeps my phone screen elevated. If I get a message after I’ve gone to bed, I just have to roll over and glance at the screen. No fumbling on the table to find my phone. Now that they’ve made it a dual charge for the Apple Watch too, it’s even better.

Best Apple Watch accessories: Authentic, custom Louis Vuitton bands at CC Luxe on Etsy | Holiday Tech Guide 2017

Upcycled Louis Vuitton Apple Watch bands

Christine at CC Luxe Crafts on Etsy repurposes Louis Vuitton bags (damaged ones, we hope!) into cool, custom Apple watch bands. She’ll even add a monogram for you, which makes this the perfect gift for those stylish and hard-to-shop-for women in your life. (shop no longer in business)

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The Best Apple Watch series 3 bands and accessories: Gorgeous metal cuff | Holiday Tech Guide 2017 bands at The Ultimate Cuff

The Ultimate Cuff Company Apple Watch cuffs

The gorgeous metal cuffs at The Ultimate Cuff company are a mixture of cool, modern jewelry and functional Apple Watch series 3 band. This is that wow! gift that will definitely get noticed. (no longer available though we like these cuffs from Astra Straps)


Best Apple Watch accessories: Active Strap from Native Union | Holiday Tech Guide 2017

Native Union Active Strap

The Active Strap from Native Union looks like a sleek, modern leather strap from the top, but underneath it’s designed for intense workouts. The leather is sweat-resistant, and the high-tech rubber underneath is waterproof, for an extra layer of protection for that leather…and comfort for the user. No more switching from band to band for every activity you do. (exact strap no longer available but others are still for sale)


Best Apple Watch accessories: Custom bands by Casetify | Holiday Tech Guide 2017

Casetify Custom Apple Watch band

We’re fans of Casetify’s wide range of artist-designed watch bands, but they also have the option to create your own custom band for your Apple Watch (or iPhone, iPad, and more). You can use your favorite family photos — a great gift for the tech-savvy grandma or grandpa! — or even upload your child’s art, the map of a special place, or anything that will hit that sentimental sweet-spot for the person you’re shopping for. (no longer available but check Casetify for other options)

Best Apple Watch accessories: GlamStack bling at Bytten on Etsy | Holiday Tech Guide 2017

Glam Stack Apple Watch accessories 

For the friend who loves her bling, this Glam Stack of watch-band rings we found over at Bytten on Etsy are a fun, unexpected gift. You can even personalize it with her name or a meaningful word. Persist, maybe?

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Best Apple Watch bands and accessories: Bucardo's pinstripe pocket watch | Holiday Tech Guide 2017

Pinstripe Pocket Watch for Apple Watch

It’s an Apple pocket watch! This pinstripe pocket-watch adaptor is a swanky way to wear your watch if wearing it on his wrist is a no-go.


Best Apple Watch accessories: Monochest case and charger | Holiday Tech Guide 2017

Monochest charging case

The Monochest case stores up to 4 Apple Watch bands (if you’re obsessed, we won’t judge) and charges your device as well. It’s a really smart use of space, and a great gift for someone who travels frequently. (For a limited time, it’s 20% off too!) (No longer available but watch bands are still for sale)

Best Apple Watch accessories: Supcase durable watch band case | Holiday Tech Guide 2017

Supcase Apple Watch case

If you’re shopping for someone who refuses anything less than Otterbox or Lifeproof for their phones, then the Supcase Apple Watch band is probably for them. It’s crazy affordable, but also crazy durable.

Best Apple Watch bands and accessories: Bucardo x Right Tribe leather fob | Holiday Tech Guide 2017


Bucardo x Right Tribe leather fob

If you’re upgrading to the Series 3 this year, and you’re not sure what to do with your Series 1 or 2 watch, then this stunning, handmade leather fob by Bucardo x Right Tribe is a great way to put it to good use. Simply attach it to your favorite bag for quick access when you need it. You could even pass it down to a family member or friend, adding this fob to make it a something-old, something-new gift. It would look gorgeous with FashionABLE’s Mamuye tote, just saying. (leather is no longer available but the tassel style is available in silver or gold)

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