Happy Spring! (She says, sitting in the middle of a snowstorm). But hey, for most of you, spring has arrived, or it never left (dang you, California). But wherever you live, these new Apple Watch bands from Apple are bold, bright, and perfect for the new season, weather or just style.

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The new woven bands are a little bit preppy, in bright pinks, yellows, and blues. If you like coordinating your watch with your shoes, the new Nike Sport Loop bands actually match some of their most popular sneakers.

And, if you have a cool $600 to blow, might I suggest the Hermés bands? They’re actually pretty hot, with a newly added accent color.

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If you’re an Apple Watch disciple, we love the idea of changing up your band based on your mood, your outfit, or the season. Hopefully, all these vibrant colors will force us into warmer climes. We here in the Northeast can only hope.