Happy Mother’s Day, cool techie moms! We celebrated today with fellow mom Becky Quick on CNBC’s On The Money, sharing four of our favorite tech gadgets that help make our lives easier and better. We hope you love them as much as we do.


I can’t live with my Tile, a small Bluetooth tracker that attaches to your keys (or anything you seem to constantly lose), so you can easily find them with your phone, within a short to medium range. And, you can click the tile to ping your phone!  (4-pack is on sale for $40 right now)

Jackery Portable Charger

We’ve tried a bunch of portable battery chargers, and the Jackery is by far our favorite. You can get multiple phone charges, plus tablet charges, all much more quickly than we’ve seen on the market. Plus, the Jackery holds charge really well, so you can charge it, dump it in your bag, and forget about it until you need it. (Just under $30, Amazon)

Ember Smart Mug

Why yes, we have found a coffee mug that controls the temperature of your coffee. Never drink cold coffee (unless you ordered it that way) again! Download the app, and you can set the temperature (show the charging coaster) and keep it that way until you’re done that cup, plus set presets for certain beverages. ($79.99)

HP Sprocket

I’ve got so many photos on my phone (9000 to be exact), and never time to print them out, which is why I love the HP Sprocket. You’ll be amazed at how great the quality of the photos are. And no more hearing from the grandparents begging you for pics of the kids. ($129.99)