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Spotify remains the world’s largest global music streaming subscription service and for good reason. It’s transformed the way we can all find and enjoy music for free. And now, thanks to some amazing updates  — the first big changes since 2014 — and redesign of its app for free users, it’s even easier to personalize your experience, discover new music, and find songs you love.

Free users: Check out your Spotify account and you’ll see you now get access to 15 excellent, Spotify-curated playlists, plus podcasts all available on demand. You can even skip as many tracks as you want.

For those playlist curators out there, a new feature makes it even easier to create great ones. When adding to your playlists, Spotify will recommend songs to add and even suggest playlist names, should you be in search of a little inspiration. 

You can also use the new “heart & hide” experience to help Spotify easily analyze what you love — or don’t love — and make sure your recos are spot-on. (Get it?)

And for those of you non-stop listeners (or, ahem, those of you with tween and teen Spotify users in the house), the new Data Saver feature lets you use less mobile data wile still listening to great tunes day and night.

New Spotify features including a new onboarding process, so new users can get personalized recos instantly | sponsored

If you’re new to the service (what?!) there’s some great new changes for you too. Like the new custom onboarding process (shown here) that guides you through preferences and gets to know your likes right away to personalize your song choices.

That means the moment you get started with your account, you can easily make your Spotify, your Spotify.

As it should be.

Download Spotify Free now if you’re not already a user. Or if you haven’t logged on in a while, check your free account and enjoy all the fun new features! 


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