With my daughter in Japan for the entire month of July, we needed to come up with a communication plan, most of which involved texting apps because they’re free. Whether you’ve got a teen or college student heading overseas, or you’re traveling there yourself, here are 3 of the best apps for international texting so you won’t you can spend your money on souvenirs, rather than your phone bill.

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What’s App is probably one of the most popular apps that allows you to text and make calls (data charges might apply to those). I like this one because a lot of people I know and connect with regularly are on it, so I’m not asking them to get something new on their phone.

Viber is way more than a messaging app (like pretty much everything else these days). When I originally started using it ages ago, it was like a digital walkie-talkie, but now they’ve added a myriad features, from video calls to messaging.

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Skype is another handy app that most people already have on their phones, and while the interface can sometimes drive me a little batty, it is smart for business travelers who might want to use something a little more pro.

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Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash