If you thought your kids tech-savvy as toddlers, it’s amazing to see how quickly they pick up video games when they get a little older. They know what’s hot and what’s not faster than Mario with a super star power-up.

Turns out there are tons of games your kids know about that you don’t. And if you’re like, “hey, we don’t own any games” — well, they’re watching videos of other people playing those games. Seriously, gamer videos are a major industry, and your kids are probably all over it. Even when the content is a little more…adult than you’d think.

No worries — we’re here for you! We’ve got a parents’ guide to the top video games kids are playing and watching and it’s really helpful, and packed with good info like what’s safe, what’s moderated, what are the watch-outs, and how to be sure kids are in age-appropriate environments.

Photo: Glen Carstens-Peters/Pixabay