As my son gets older, I’m starting to look for cool educational apps to give him a leg up on counting and letters and other basic skills. The clear favorite for now? The brand new Khan Academy Kids, a free learning app from Khan Academy and Duck Duck Moose, chock full of digital books, videos, games, and lessons on everything from animals to basic logic.

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A review of the new Khan Academy Kids app

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And did I mention free? That part really surprised me considering how much great content the app has. It’s easy to navigate, customizable based on your kids’ developmental stage, and includes clips from National Geographic and original books from children’s lit authors, among other educational goodies.

My son really responded to the videos I showed him, and of all the kids’ apps out there, it was a lot more pleasant to listen to for me. Because after 7 hours of summer roadtripping, that starts to matter.

Download the Khan Academy Kids app free in the App Store or Google Play