A little over two years ago, we featured Amazon Rapids, a reading app full of stories for kids that read like text messages. Talk about meeting kids where they are, right?

Well, just yesterday, Amazon Rapids went from a free app + monthly subscription, to totally 100% free, making it an app we definitely recommend downloading stat.

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If you’re not familiar with Amazon Rapids, the stories on the app include a wide range of topics, which kids read via an avatar and talk bubble (like a chat) as opposed to the traditional paragraph on a page. It can be a little startling for us 40-somethings, but for kids, it can be super effective. And if it gets your reluctant readers less reluctant to read, we’re all for it.

In tandem, Amazon also offers another free reading resource for kids in Amazon Storytime. This is an Alexa skill that allows the device to read a story to your kids (or you), as you might have guessed from the name.

We’re big fans of podcasts for kids and audiobooks, so no surprise we’re digging this Amazon Echo skill. Such a smart way to get kids falling in love with reading even more. And maybe even you too.