Raise your hand if you know how to lock your notes on the Notes app on your iPhone. And now…here’s me not raising my hands.Honestly, I never even realized you could do it at all! So leave it to my 11-year-old daughter to show me a cool iPhone tip I hadn’t ever considered.

Want to make some of your own notes private and password-protected? It’s so easy!

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Here’s how:

1 Open your notes app

2 Open your list of notes

How to lock notes on your iOS Notes App and set a password | Cool Mom Tech

3 Select the note you’d like to make private, then swipe left to reveal icons for lock, file, or trash.

4 Click the lock icon (it’s gray and…looks like a lock!)

How to set a password on any note in your iOS Notes App | coolmomtech.com

5 Enter a password (a good one!) and if interested, turn on Touch ID to unlock with your fingerprint

6 Go back into your note and click the open lock icon at top right to lock.

How to lock your iPhone notes on your iOS Notes App | CoolMomTech.com

7. You’ll now see a lock icon next to any locked notes in your list. To access again, click on it then you’ll be prompted to enter your password or to use Touch ID.

It’s a genius little iPhone tip for anyone who shares notes — or for those of us who just hand our phone over to the kids from time to time. Particularly during birthday and holiday gift list-making season.