A few days ago, our good friend Whitney Moss of 510 families mentioned she was trying out the Gixo app, so of course I had to take a peek, which led to me signing up myself. Turns out, it’s a pretty cool app for someone like me who doesn’t have the time, or the budget, to spend a lot of money on workout classes. And hey, maybe you too?

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If you’re raising your eyebrow like “Huh?” it’s okay. I did too. It’s not necessarily a new concept, as I’ve been following another similar service (which I’m trying out as we speak) for awhile now. But once you figure out how it works, the idea is pretty smart for busy parents.

Once you sign-up (free trial, then $19.99/month or $14.99/month if you pay for a year), you have the option of picking from a myriad live and on-demand classes. You’ll find everything from walking and running, to abs and booty, even yoga and HIIT classes, which I know are super popular these days. Class length ranges from 11 to 60 minutes and are offered throughout the day, so you can pick what you have time for, when you have time for it.

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Gixo app review

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I decided to start with a short core workout, so I signed up for the class, then got a handy reminder right in my email. Once the class was about to start, I found a quiet room, grabbed my headphones, and jumped right in. You’re not actually part of a class, but rather, you’re being coached by a trainer through a series of exercises that are displayed on the screen through pre-recorded video. As the music blasts in your ear, you’ll hear his voice talk you through each of the movements, giving you various adaptations and encouraging you to keep going. If you want, you can turn on your camera so your trainer can check your form. Keep in mind, if you do that, only your trainer can see you (not the other people in the class). I was a little weirded out by it at first, but then I felt bad since I had messaged him (another cool feature) a question and I tend to like to put a face to my words.

The 15-minute class consisted of a warm-up and cool down as well, and during the whole thing I had someone in my ear motivating me to stick with it. I felt like I had a personal trainer with me, except he was in London. Ha.

If you’re someone who loves being a part of a workout class, then this might not be for you, because it’s definitely aimed at folks who want to work out at home alone. But if you’ve been wanting to try out some different classes or just change up your fitness routine and don’t want to leave your home, this is a smart option. And with all the on-demand classes available, plus the various times the live classes are scheduled, there is always a workout you can do, even if it’s just 15 minutes. For me, that’s worth the fee.