If you were on Twitter yesterday, you couldn’t miss the buzz about the new Google Home Hub, which is Google’s new be-all gadget that everyone can’t stop talking about. And for good reason. This new device could be a game changer, particularly for families. But, do we all really need another tech gadget? I’ll let you decide after you see what the new Google Home Hub can do.

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From everything we’ve read and seen, the Google Home Hub is pretty much as the name describes, a centralized tablet on a stand for all the info you need, and then some. You can get weather reports, traffic reports, even access your Google gadgets (and control them), all in one handy spot. Ask Google Assistant for help! Display your recipes while you cook! Or, watch YouTube videos while someone is cooking for you! It will even play music for you. And that’s only a short list of tasks, not to mention the helpful integration (read: Nest Hello). What it doesn’t have is a camera, which we’re pretty happy about, because we don’t really want a gadget that’s connected to our Google accounts to also be watching us.

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From a functional standpoint, I like how this could possibly cut down on phone and tablet use in the house because so many of the things I’m checking on my phone can just be done with Google Home Hub. I can imagine popping my phone on the charger at night until I leave the house in the morning, and utilize this gadget to get all the answers I need, not to mention complete all the tasks I’d usually be staring at my phone for.

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And so, if it cuts down on that for me, and my family, I think that this is a smart investment, though really, at $149, it’s less than most phones and tablets on the market making it a reasonable tool for your household and less of a huge purchase. That is unless you find yourself needing a few to cover your kitchen, your living room, and your bedroom. Funny how that works.

You can pre-order the Google Home Hub now, with devices shipping at the end of October.