Next up in our Alexa Organization Series, we’re sharing some of our favorite Alexa finance skills to help you keep your family budget it check. Whether you want to track your investments or keep up with your spending, even pay you bills, here are 4 finance skills for your Amazon Echo that can help.

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YNAB. Pronounced “why nab,” this skill stands for You Need a Budget. And it is what it says it is–a simple budget tracking skill. You can set budgets for each category (meals, home, etc.) and as you go through your month, tell Alexa what you’ve spent. Then, you can check in and ask her for your balance as you go.

TD AmeritradeIf you’re the type to keep an eye on the stock market, this skill can help you stay on top of your investments. Link your TD Ameritrade account, and you can get daily briefings and even trade stocks just by telling Alexa to buy or sell. (We’d make sure the kids are thoroughly occupied before we launch this one).

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PayPal. If you forgot to get cash to pay the sitter or need to send some cash to your kids’ coach, you can do it really easily through Alexa now. “Alexa, ask PayPal to send $25 to Coach Smith.” Done.

Capital One. If you’re a Capital One customer, you can get a great view of your spending habits with the Alexa Skill. Once your account is linked, you can ask specific questions like how much you spent at a certain store, find out your checking account balance, or see how much is left on your loan. If you use a different card or bank, browse their skills to see if yours has a similar one.

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Photo by Katie Harp on Unsplash