Next up in our Alexa Organization Series, we’re sharing some of our favorite Alexa calendar skills to help you keep your family organized. Whether you want to add events to a joint calendar, keep up with a shared to-do list, or just make sure you do not miss the next moms’ night out, here are 4 calendar skills for your Amazon Echo that can help.

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Link your personal calendar to Alexa. While there are some calendar skills you can enable for your Alexa, I fully recommend just linking your existing Apple, Google, or Microsoft calendar to Alexa. You can add, move, and delete events from your calendar by simply saying, “Alexa, add date night to the calendar for Friday at 8:00 pm.” And you can ask for reminders too, whoo!

Finding openings in your schedule. One cool feature of the calendar connectivity in Alexa is that it will scan your calendar to find an upcoming opening in your schedule. So if you have friends over and you’re trying to find a good time to go see a movie together, you can just ask Alexa, “When do I have 3 hours available this week,” and she’ll let you know.

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Keep your to-do list on track. is one of our favorite apps for keeping that ever-growing list of to-do items organized, and now it’s integrated with Alexa. Check in with Alexa in the morning and she can tell you how many tasks are on your list, and what the top priority is. You can tell her they’re completed or ask for reminders to finish them later. And since can be shared across devices, adding items to your list here will update on everyone’s phone/Apple Watch/laptop so that you’re all on the same page.

Don’t forget a birthday. If you’re like me and have a tough time remembering all the birthdays in your extended friends-and-family circle, the Birthday Tracker skill can help. Once you set up your account and add birthdays (which it can pull from your Google calendar, yay!) you can just ask Alexa, “Whose birthdays are in March?” or “Get birthdays for today” to make sure you don’t miss celebrating anyone.

Never miss a trash or recycling day. Why is it so hard to remember when trash and recycling days are? Save that valuable brain space for something else by setting up the Recycling Reminder skill. Once you set up your recycling and trash dates, you can just ask Alexa when they are and she’ll remind you ahead of time.

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