We’re getting organized in the new year, and I’ve found that using my Amazon Echo — which is strategically placed in our kitchen, the hub of our house — can be a huge help, including fitness. Yes, we’re not kidding.

In this post, some of our favorite Alexa fitness skills to help you get (or stay) in shape this winter.

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Better sleep. I know there’s no way I’m going to have the energy to exercise without a good night’s sleep, so I’m starting with some Alexa ambient noises to help you get the rest you need. From rain sounds and fan sounds to a bubbling brook, just tell her what you want to hear while you sleep and she’ll play it.

POPSUGAR Active. This skill has dozens of workouts, from abs only to full body, that are all under 15 minutes. Can’t get to the gym? No big deal. Follow one of these in the kitchen while the kids nap, and you’ll likely feel it in the morning.

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Fitbit. Alexa now connects with your Fitbit, to give you an update on your daily stats. Of course, you could use this to spy on your significant other, to see how many steps they’ve fit in today. Or, maybe it’s an easier way to check your own steps when your hands are sticky with brownie batter. Oops.

Nutrition Label. If you’re wondering how much sugar is in 2 Oreos or how much fat is in a Big Mac, you can just ask nutrition label. It might help you make better food choices, so you can stay on track to meet your fitness goals too.

Daily Yoga. The Daily Yoga app will provide you with a series of yoga poses you can follow at home, and you can even ask Alexa to repeat or skip steps. If it leaves you craving a IRL yoga class, you can say, “Alexa, neighborhood status,” and she’ll let you know of any yoga happenings nearby.

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