I recently fell off the Orange Theory Fitness wagon, and have been looking for something to get me moving again. So, after watching our friend Lauren Jimeson’s Obé workouts daily on her Instagram stories (Hi Lauren!), I figured it was worth a try. And well, let’s just say that for now, I’m hooked.

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In a similar vein to the Gixo app I tried recently, Obé offers 14 live work-out classes a day, all of which are just 28 minutes. You’ll get classes in everything from Strength and Power, to Dance, HIIT, and Stretch (9 types of classes, to be exact) that you can take right in the comfort of your home. Just reserve your spot in the class, or hop on when it’s live, then follow along with the friendly, energetic instructors.

If you can’t catch a live class, they’ve got over 1000 on-demand classes, including express classes that are 5 – 10 minutes long, so there’s not excuse to not fit something in (in fact, I’m going to do an upper body one when I get home since I’m still barely walking from Katie L.’s define/sculpt class I took yesterday). You will miss the shout-outs that you get by name (and location) in the live classes though, which I have to be honest, I look forward to. Who am I?!

A simple way to get your workouts done, right in your home. Thanks Obé!

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What I love is I probably would feel a little intimidated to take these classes IRL, with all of them taught by young, hip, and extremely skilled NYC-based fitness instructors (which also, I live in Philly; probably never going to take their classes in person given the distance). And if I can’t take a class in the morning, I know that I can do one after my kids go to bed, without having to go anywhere but into my bedroom, no fancy workout clothes required.

And I have to say that as much as I wanted to eyeroll their call-out to share a sweaty selfie after my workout, I totally did it and got the gratification of a nice shout-out from the instructor in her own story and a reshare of it on the Obé Instagram story.

You can try Obé with a free trial, and then you’ll pay $27/month, which is about the price of one workout class these days (depending on where you live, but pretty close). The flexibility and variety of classes (and instructors) has been totally worth the price, not to mention that I’ve been working out way more than I ever did with any gym or barre membership, so that’s definitely saying something.