It’s time again for my monthly round-up of podcasts that have made my subscribe list. If you’re looking to add some new podcasts into rotation, I hope you find my podcast reviews helpful. And if you’ve got suggestions for great podcasts I need to listen to (aside from our own Spawned Parenting Podcast, of course), please leave them in the comments.

And if you’re looking for my past podcast round-ups, here’s February, March, and April, for your convenience.

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Serial, Season 3

5 podcasts I listened to this month: May edition | Serial Season 3

In this season of the uber popular and groundbreaking podcast Serial, host Sarah Koenig and her colleagues report from a court in Cleveland, Ohio. It’s a completely different structure to the podcast, as she follows individual cases, lawyers, and judges throughout the season for an intimate look at the U.S. justice system and how it works (and doesn’t work). I found it to be fascinating.

Life is Short with Justin Long

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve been a long time fan of Justin Long’s and his voice is so perfect for podcasting. However, I feel like these episodes are a bit long (over an hour each), and while I dig celebrity interviews, these feel a bit more like “hey, it’s me talking to my famous friends.” I find myself starting them, and then not finishing episodes. Sorry, Justin!

5 podcasts I listened to in May: Committed with Jo Piazza


Each week, host Jo Piazza chats with a couple who’s made it through a challenge in their relationships. From a prison term to a chronic illness, she allows them to tell their story in a raw, deep way. My only gripe: I wish we heard the resolution, or “what happened after” as many of them feel unresolved. Still, it’s storytelling at some of its finest.

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The Shrink Next Door

The newest podcast from Wondery is nothing short of enthralling. Veteran journalist Joe Nocera shares a story he had been working on years ago, about a psychiatrist with some very questionable practices. If you wait a week to start this, you’ll be able to binge the entire 6-part series, which I highly recommend.

5 podcasts I listened to in May: Nevertheless from Pearson and StoryThings


I discovered this podcast last year when we featured these gorgeous (and free) women in STEM posters they had commissioned. There are only around 15 episodes, each of which are beautifully produced to tell the stories and dive deeper into the issues related to women in technology.

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